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The Birth of W.i.s.d.o.m. Ministries


Early in the morning, I anticipate hearing what the Lord has to say. His voice is now so familiar; I liken it to a whispering wind. In a state of half sleep, I see myself in a room that is vaguely familiar. As the room begins to fill with women, we begin to talk about things I cannot recall when I am fully awakened; but there is one thing I do recall – one of the ladies saying "… the name should be Wisdom."  


Then the Lord begins to flash Scripture and purpose to me and the vision is made clear, the older shall teach the younger.  That was April 14, 2003.  For several years the ministry operated unofficially in outreach efforts and teaching, but on April 23, 2012, after the prompting of Bishop Green and Apostle Nixon, I re-established the vision and officially established the ministry by becoming a nonprofit, faith-based, teaching and outreach corporation.  On May 22, 2012, W.I.S.D.O.M. Ministries made its first deposit by a sponsor written to the ministry.






To promote the training taught in scripture that the older is to help the younger (Titus 2). We will…

Train our children so that when they get older they will remember their training and return to what they were taught.  Reach out to girls, teens, youth, and women of all ages in the things that make us special, unique, and royal by Gods standard.  Use scripture as the basis to transform vessels that God can use in all aspects of life to build His Kingdom.Reach the nations with the love of Jesus Christ through acts of kindness.



What We Offer and Do


We teach the word of God in many ways in our Habakkuk Ministry. One way is by teaching people how to move people from the milk of God’s word to the meat of His word through a study series called (MnM).



Milk Versus Meat



We mentor individuals (men, women, and children) so they can identify, stir, and use the spiritual gifts God has given them in our Empowerment Ministry.  One way we do this is using Shared Wisdom Methodology or SWM (pronounced swim). We also teach ministries and individuals in a variety of areas such as: starting a prison ministry and helping people write and execute personal ministry plans.


We reach people locally through street, jail, and prison ministries as well as hold and participate in workshops, conferences, and retreats as part of our City of Refuge Ministry. We reach nations through traveling to other nations or sponsoring drives to donate goods to those in need.


We are excited to be starting a school targeted for those broken by life and Ministry. Where do people go when they have a hunger for things of God, but not in a financial situation to pay for schooling or be healed from their damaged past? AriZe School of Ministry has been established to reach those that desire change and purpose but don't know how to begin. If you know someone that wants to discover their purpose or be healed from past hurts and wounds in ministry, pass on this message!

















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