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Commissioned with the original vision in 2003, this is our teaching, accountability, mentoring, and discipleship ministry.


Cenacle (Acts 1:13) – fellowship and home Bible study

Commissioned in August 2013, this ministry teaches and reaches the community in a small group setting. Prepared material from Rapha Deliverance University (RDU) or newly developed material from WISDOM’s Milk and Meat Studies are used to teach pointed areas of interest such as intercession, prophecy, deliverance, etc.


Empowerment Service (EPS) (Mark 16:15-18) – Public bible study and services

Commissioned with the re-established vision in 2012, this is a ministry to teach and reach the community with training in healing, deliverance, and prophetic ministries. This is also a venue for those mentored to be activated.



Fourth Monday of the month

Rivers of Grace Church

1901 7th Avenue SE

Olympia, WA 98501

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